Sep 13, 2017

Knowledgeable and Informative Staff

Category: General
Posted by: Suresh

A great pet shop business knows that a courteous and friendly staff is not enough to satisfy most customers—they also need to be knowledgeable about their products. Employees in the pet shop in Mt. Druitt (or any pet shop in any place) should know their products well in order to provide excellent service to their customers.

For instance, most people who visit a pet shop usually go there to buy food for their pet, whether that be cat food or reptile food or what not. Though most people already know what they want, they have some questions lurking at the back of their heads. The pet store’s staff should be ready to answer these questions.

They should know the differences between the pet foods they sell, which one’s recommended for adult dogs and which ones are best for puppies for example. They should know which types of cages are suitable for a pair of love birds and how big they should be. All in all, you should be looking for a store that sells pet supplies in Mt. Druitt whose staff knows their stuff. The staff should be able to make smart recommendations and provide helpful advice to their customers so that their pets are healthy and happy.

Along this line, a good pet shop in Mt. Druitt will not try to play doctor and diagnose a sick pet unless they are licensed veterinarians or animal experts. Instead, they will recommend you to a trusted veterinarian to have your pet treated. They will not issue any kind of medicine to improve their sales, unless it is truly what your ill pet needs or as prescribed by the vet.