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Mar 13, 2018
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Posted by: Suresh

It is highly recommended that you provide your pet chameleon with a different types of feed to add variety to their diet. In the wild, chameleons have a plethora of choices when it comes to their meals. It is therefore fitting that you try to provide them with the same variety in their artificial environment to make them happy. One way of achieving this is by giving them feeders every once in a while which can be bought from most shops selling animal feeds like bird food, dog food, cat food, and of course reptile food.

Mar 7, 2018
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Posted by: Suresh
Buying dog food, cat food or bird food is a pretty straightforward process. Looking for food for pet reptiles though can be a bit more challenging. One reason for this is that reptile food don’t usually come in bags and cans as other types of animal feed. But worry not, because this guide should help you when it comes to choosing what food to give your scaly friend
Feb 28, 2018
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Posted by: Suresh

There are different types of accessories that can be fitted into cat collars, the most popular being bells and discs. These can add a bit of flare and style to the collar, though care should be taken should you decide to make use of them. Thus, before deciding to buy and use them, consider first whether they are really necessary.

For instance, if you have a pet bird in the house or leave in an area frequented by birds, attaching a bell to cat collars is a good idea. This will help to warn the birds that the cat is nearby and give them time to escape. On the other hand, if you don’t have a pet bird or have not feathered visitors, then a bell may not be necessary.

Along that line, avoid using such accessories or attachment unless they’re really necessary. There have reported cases of bells and discs getting caught in the cats’ jaws or claws. They can even get caught in holes and other objects which may cause harm to your feline friend.

Cat Collars Fitting Guide

Cats come in various sizes, so make sure you get the right collar size for yours.

As with dog collars, it is very important that your cat collar fit your pet perfectly. If they’re too loose, the cat will definitely remove them (unless they’re trained to wearing cat collars). If they’re too tight, the there is a high probability of your cat choking immediately when they get caught on something. As a rule of thumb, the correct fit should allow you to slip two fingers easily between the collar and your cat’s neck.

If you’re buying cat collars for kittens, consider getting those which can be adjusted accordingly. As the kittens grow, you’ll need to loosed their cat collars and eventually may need to buy them a new one. Along that line, it is best to train kittens to wear cat collars at a young age. Some vets will recommend that kittens start wearing them as soon as they reach five months old.

Looking for Cute, Safe and High Quality Cat Collars?

Cat collars are more than just a fashion accessory for your feline friends. By putting your cat’s name, your contact number, and your address on the tag or by embroidering them onto the collar itself, these can ensure the safe return of your pet back to you should they ever get lost. The aesthetic features are also an added plus since cats with collars simply look more endearing. But they should only be secondary features to look for, with safety and function being the first.

If you’re looking for cute and stylish cat collars made from safe and high quality materials, please don’t hesitate to drop by our stores. Our main store is located in Milperra, and we have another one at the Shop Smart Shopping Plaza in Mt. Druitt. We also have a range of toys for pets and pet food for cats, dogs, birds, and any other pet that you may have.

Feb 21, 2018
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Posted by: Suresh

Like dog collars, cat collars also come in different types. There are generally three main types of cat collars namely traditional buckles, break away collars, and elastic collars.

Traditional Buckles

These cat collars are the traditional types, and—as their name suggests—are locked into place with the use of a metal buckle. The collar itself can be made from either nylon or leather, and can come in a variety of decorative styles. Though traditional, these are still very popular nowadays; however, they are not always the safest cat collars available.

See, the problem with these types of cat collars is that they tend to be very restrictive. That is, there is little or almost no room for that cat to maneuver if they find themselves in a situation where the collar gets caught on something and choke your cat. That being said, these types of cat collars are best suited for older and less active cats who are happy spending their time indoors.

Break Away Collars

Break away collars also come in a variety of styles, designs and colours. However, unlike the above, these types of cat collars make use of a clasp instead of a buckle to lock the collar in place. These clasps can be opened by pressing or putting pressure on button or along its sides.

One thing that makes this a better option versus the traditional buckle type collar is safety. Because the clasp can be opened by the application of pressure, even cats themselves can open these types of cat collars, though not without some difficulty. They can even do so by pulling or tugging against the clasp. Thus, whenever it finds itself in a choking or strangling situation, there is a very high probability of the cat freeing itself and surviving.

Despite being a safe option, there are also certain issues with break away collars that you should be aware of, and these issues are actually because of the clasps themselves. As was mentioned earlier, break away collars are easier to open than buckle type cat collars and cats can remove them by themselves. This may not be a big deal if the cat is indoors; however, if your cat removes its collars while it is outside, there begins the problem.

A simple remedy would be to turn the collar so that the clasp is at the back (instead of under the chin) of your cat, though this does not totally guarantee that they won’t be able to open them especially once the cat starts rolling over.

Elastic Collars

As the name suggests, these types of cat collars are made from elastic materials. Thus, cats can easily get themselves out of these collars by simply pulling against it. That being said, it is also a safe option just like the break away collars. Needless to say, it also carries with it the same negative features as that of break away collars.

Feb 14, 2018
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Posted by: Suresh

As it is with dog collars, there are certain factors that must be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing and buying the right cat collars. If you’re planning on dropping by an animal supplies store getting one for your cat, then here are some things worth knowing before you go shopping.

Why Cats Need Cat Collars

Many people feel that only those cats that frequent the outdoors need to wear cat collars. However, there are several reasons why you should consider putting a collar on your feline friend, whether they’re the outgoing or stay-at-home type.


The most common reason—as well as the most important one—for putting collars on your cats is for identification. As it is with dog collars, you can put a lot of information on cat collars that will prevent people and animal rescue from considering them as strays and bringing them to the pound. Some of the most common types of information put in cat collars include your cat’s name, your address, and your contact number. Aside from these, you can also include confirmation that your cat has had their rabies shots regularly.

Even if you keep your cat locked up at home, there may be instances when your cat is accidentally let out of the house or escapes through an open window. When this happens, cat collars can be a great way to let people know that the cat belongs to you. It then provides them with a way to get in touch with you and safely return your beloved pet back to your home.


Homeowners with modern houses usually have computer operated cat flaps installed in their doors. This is a good idea since it prevents squirrels, raccoons, and other critters or rodents from entering into the house without restricting the entry and exit of their pet cats. These types of cat flaps are operated with the use of a microchip which is installed in cat collars.

Most of these microchips do not only manipulate access to the cat flaps, but they can also be used to store information about the cat and its owners.


Cat collars can also be a way to make your feline pet look stylish and cute. However, aesthetics should only be secondary to the aforementioned reasons for letting your cat wear collars. You should also make sure that you the collar is the correct fit for your cat—never let your cat wear an ill-fitting collar just because it looks pretty.

In addition, avoid cat collars that have really bright colours. In many instances, these are manufactured using chemicals that may be toxic to your pet. Also, avoid cat collars that have small bits (like ornamental stones) on them. Cats have a tendency to scratch at their collars which may cause these to come off and they may accidentally ingest them.