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Jan 17, 2018
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Posted by: Suresh

There are two ways to determine if the collar is the right size and fit for your dog. First, there should be enough room between your dog’s neck and the collar when you insert two of your fingers. However, this only applies if you’re bringing your dog to the animal supplies store when buying the collar. If you can’t bring your pet to the store, then you can try this second method: use a tape measure to measure around your dog’s neck and then add two inches to the measurement. Speaking of measurements, you should make it a habit to measure your puppy’s neck regularly and get them a new collar once they’ve outgrown their old one.

Dog Harnesses

A dog harness is composed of several nylon straps arranged in such way that the contraption wraps around the dog’s back and chest and encircles its front legs. The straps on these harnesses are adjustable to some extent, making it an excellent choice for growing dogs. Unlike dog collars, leashes are attached to the harness with a clip located at the harness’ (and the consequently the dog’s) back and not at the neck.

Common Misconception about Dog Harnesses

There is one misconception that people have when it comes to dog harnesses, and this is actually what encourages many dog owners to go to the animal supplies store to buy them. That is, most people who buy dog harnesses think that their dog will be pulling less when they wear one. However, the opposite is true.

Dog harnesses attach to dogs in such a way that it allows the dog to use all of its strength to tug and pull. This is when you consider that the straps are attached to the upper back, shoulders and chest of the dog. This is actually the reason why you’ll see sled dogs use harnesses instead of dog collars. That being said, dog harnesses are good options if you want your dog to pull you while you’re exercising outside such as when you’re riding your bike or whilst wearing rollerblades.

Along that line, dog harnesses are excellent for smaller dogs who cannot overpower and pull their owners while walking or running. Dog harnesses are also excellent options for larger and stronger dogs because even if they pull and tug rather strongly, there is no concern for them damaging their trachea or injure their neck in some way. This is actually one reason why dog harnesses are more recommended over dog collars.

Jan 10, 2018
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Posted by: Suresh

The type of food that you give to your turtle will depend on the specie that you have. In general though, most turtles will be happy with eating insects, small fish and dark, leafy greens. You can also buy canned turtle food, pelleted turtle food or freeze-dried mealworms from stores that sell pet food in Milperra. Although some turtles may have developed a taste for a particular food, it is still best to offer them a variety of foods over their lifespan.

In addition, you also don’t need to feed your pet turtle everyday unlike most other types of pets. Generally, adult turtles should be fed at least four to five times a week only. Baby turtles on the other hand should be fed daily. You should also get yourself a calcium supplement and dust their food with it at least twice a year.

Also, keep in mind that turtles are messy eaters. This is why it is recommended that you get a separate feeding tank for the turtle and not feed them in their home tank. This will help to keep the home tank clean, and at the same time help you monitor the turtle’s food intake.

Taking Care of Your Turtle Starts with the Right Supplies

As you may have seen from the above paragraphs, taking care of a turtle is not a walk in the park. It demands a significant amount of time and care from you, especially if you have a baby turtle. However, they are easily one of the best pets available, and though you may not be able to cuddle them, they can be pretty relaxing to watch as they swim about their terrarium or bask in their docks.

In order to provide your pet turtle with the best care possible, you’ll need to provide them with the best housing and accessories that you can afford. Most of these are readily available in most pet supplies store.

If you’re ready to take care of turtles, be sure to get high quality supplies, accessories and pet food which is readily available in our stores. Our main store is located in Milperra, and we have another one at the Shop Smart Shopping Plaza in Mt. Druitt. As one of the leading pet shop in Mt. Druitt and Milperra, we make sure that both our stores carry a wide range of pet supplies like pet food, pet grooming products and many others in order to better serve you and your pet’s needs and demands.



Jan 3, 2018
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Pet turtles are housed in terrariums, and when shopping for one in a pet supplies store, be sure not to economize on the size and quality. Like most other pets, turtles like to explore, and getting the biggest you can afford is a good idea since it will give your pet ample room to move around. Also, make sure that you’re buying terrariums of excellent quality and is capable of holding water. Some terrariums, especially those made for snakes and lizards, aren’t designed to hold water. So ask your pet supplies expert which among those in their shelves are best suited for turtles. The size should be big enough to allow the turtle to swim freely and have deep enough water. When the water is too shallow and the turtle tips on its back, it won’t be able to right itself. It should also be big enough to contain a floating docks for the turtle to bask on. You can get these floating docks from pet supplies and reptile accessories stores.

Housing Maintenance

As with any other pet homes, it is important that you stay on top of your turtle’s house maintenance. In many cases, problems with turtle as pet starts with poorly maintained housing.

One maintenance task that you need to do is to always keep the water clean. For this, you will need to have a strong filtration system which you can buy from a pet supplies store. Having one will help keep the water clean so you don’t have to change it very often. However, this does not mean that you don’t have to change the water because you still do. Changing the water removes any particles that may harm your turtle. Also, keep in mind that their tank is also their bathroom, so regularly changing the water is a must or else they may suffer from infections.

Consider making use of water conditioner as well. This will help to keep organisms like salmonella at bay and make the water much more livable for the turtle. You can get these water conditioner from pet supplies store.


It is important that you provide your pet turtles with the appropriate ambient and water temperature at all times. The right temperature will vary and depend on several factors like the current season and others. To be sure, ask an expert while you are buying your thermometers in a store that sells pet supplies. You can also do your own research about the right temperatures for your specie of turtle. As much as possible, you’ll want to copy the exact temperature as that of their natural habitat. Failing to do so can result to your turtle losing appetite or developing respiratory problems.

You’re going to need at least two thermometers, one to measure the temperature of the water and another to measure the dry side of the tank. Both types of thermometers are usually sold in all pet supplies stores.


Providing your turtle with sunlight is essential in ensuring its health. You can do this by putting your tank near a window, though this will also promote the growth of algae and cause your tank to become dirtier faster. Thus, the best way to do this would be to get some UV light bulbs designed specifically for reptiles. If you don’t then you run the risk of your turtle suffering from metabolic bone disease or soft shell syndrome.


Dec 27, 2017
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Admittedly, turtles are not the cuddliest of pets—they have hard shells and they’re scaly, plus they’re wet and slimy for most of the time. Nevertheless, you also have to admit that they can be terribly cute at times—their glassy eyes, short and plump legs, and even their slow and awkward movements contribute to making them one of the most adorable reptiles ever. This is one of the many reasons why a significant number of children and adults go to pet dealers and pet supplies stores looking for baby turtles to buy and bring home.

Unfortunately, many of these people are not aware that caring for turtles can be quite demanding—yes, they’re not low-maintenance pets despite their seemingly lazy and nonchalant disposition. In fact, many more people are not aware that it can be illegal to own and keep turtles as pets in some parts of the country. So before you go to a store that sells pet supplies in Milperra and buy a terrarium and other accessories and pet products for turtles, do give the following paragraphs a read.


Are You Legally Allowed to Own a Turtle?


Turtles, like all other reptiles, are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act to prevent them from becoming extinct, with the National Parks and Wildlife Service commissioned to keep records of their numbers and maintain control over their dissemination. This is what makes buying and keeping a turtle as a pet somewhat of a challenge. Though it is legal to own a turtle in most parts of the country, certain states and territories have strict laws about selling turtles in animal and pet supplies stores or even in private parties.

Because of the challenges that comes with buying pet turtles, you may be tempted to simply take one from the wilds or keep one that has wandered into your backyard. This, again, is illegal.

So how do you get to own and keep a turtle for a pet with all these regulations?

If you truly have your heart set in turtle-care, you first need to obtain a license from the NPWS—a Class I license should suffice. But if you’re planning on taking care of the more exotic species of turtles, then you’ll need a Class II license. If you are under 16 years of age, you’ll need your parent’s consent before you are awarded a license.

With regard to buying turtles, make it a point to buy from a member of the Australian Herpetological Society. They have several branches all over the country and you should have no trouble contacting one near your locale. There are also turtles being sold online, though extra caution should be taken when buying pets from online sellers. You have to make sure that the pets—or in this case the turtles—that they are selling are not poached from the wild.

Dec 20, 2017
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Posted by: Suresh

White Proso Millet

White proso millet seeds have a hard shell. This is advantageous in the sense that it offers excellent protection for the kernel inside and makes them less susceptible to rotting. This type of bird food is a favourite of many ground-feeding birds. However, they are also the favourite of other species of birds that are considered as pests and which you may not want to attract to your homes. If such species of birds are present in your area, especially when their habitat is close to your home, you may not want to make use of white proso millet and instead turn your attention to getting other types of seeds or bird food.

Because most of the birds that love white proso millet are small-beaked ground-feeding birds, you can simply scatter the feeds on the ground and leave the birds to eat them. However, you can also make use of low-set tray feeders that have excellent drainage. You can buy these types of feeders from stores that sell pet supplies in Mt. Druitt.

Shelled and Cracked Corn                                                        

Corn is another type of seed given as bird food, and more popular as feeds for doves and ground-feeding birds. However, there are many things that you should consider if you choose this type of seeds.

For one, they attract many different kinds of stray birds as well as critters like raccoons and squirrels. Second, cracked corn can rot easily if it becomes wet. Thus, put it in a weatherproof bag for storage. When feeding, use a tray feeder and not a tube feeder because tube feeder harbors moisture. Be sure to give only sufficient amounts that the birds can consume in a day as well.

There are also issues of corn being toxic. This is because corns may contain aflatoxins which can be toxic even in small amounts. Also, be careful about buying corns that have red or pink dye in them. Corn with these colours are treated with fungicide and are supposed to be used for planting and not for feeding. This is one reason why you want to buy your corn or any other bird food from reputable stores that sell pet supplies in Mt. Druitt. This way you can be sure that the products that they are selling are free from any toxins that may harm your feathered friend.


Peanut is another type of bird food that is popular among birds, especially jays. However, like corn, they also tend to attract a host of other stray bird species as well as critters. Along that line, peanuts also have high chances of containing aflatoxins.

When using peanuts as bird food, make sure that you don’t give more than a day’s worth of food. Peanuts can easily rot and will thus need to be kept dry all the time. During rainy and humid weathers, be sure to clean the tube feeders and dry them completely before feeding.

Can’t Decide Which Bird Food to Buy? We Can Help

Considering all the dizzying array of bird food available, it is no wonder that many first time bird owners get confused as to which one they should buy for their feathered friend. Although it may seem that the easiest way to get around this is to buy just about any seed, consider that all seeds aren’t the same. Thus, it is important that you take the time to carefully choose which bird food to buy.

If you are looking for safe and nutritious bird food, reptile food, or any other kind of pet food for that matter, please don’t hesitate to drop by any of our stores. Our main store is located in Milperra, and we have another one at the Shop Smart Shopping Plaza in Mt. Druitt. As one of the leading pet shop in Mt. Druitt and Milperra, we make sure that both our stores carry a wide range of pet food and pet supplies in order to better serve you and your pet’s needs and demands.