Sep 6, 2017

Excellent Customer Service

Category: General
Posted by: Suresh

This is one of the first things that you’ll want to check when choosing a pet shop. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to do business with a shop that treats you and your pet as ‘just another dollar’. A great pet shop in Mt. Druitt will have friendly and courteous staff who will greet you with a big, warm smile as you enter the door and offer their assistance right away. And in the event that they’re busy with another customer, they will at least acknowledge your presence just to let you know that you’re a valued customer—whether it’s your first time to visit the store or not.

An excellent pet shop knows that cultivating a genuine relationship with their customer is essential for their business’s success. They will go out of their way to get to know you and your pet, and even offer samples of foods and treats to your pet when you visit. They’d even tell you about their special promos on their dog food, bird food or any other pet food if there’s any.

One sign of an excellent pet shop in Mt. Druitt is a well-maintained store. The store should be clean all the time—no pet food on the floor or any other item that doesn’t belong there. Every item should be in its proper place, with the aisles wide enough for easy navigation.

Since it is a pet store after all, it can’t be helped for it to get a little dirty from time to time. However, a good pet shop knows enough to keep their place of business clean in order to attract customers.