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Feb 7, 2018
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Manufacturers produce dog leash using different materials, with the most common ones outlined below.


One of the most common and traditional materials used in the making of a dog leash is leather. Many people like leather leashes because they have a classic look with them, and they can also feel nice to the hands. However, some upkeep is necessary to ensure that your leather leash stays in tip top condition. For one, you need to treat them the oil leather or leather conditioner to keep them soft and supple. Otherwise, the leather will turn hard and crack and lose its natural give.

You also need to keep in mind that dogs, like their owners, also love leather—as chew toys, that is. This is why you need to store your leather dog leash away and safe from your dog when not in use. This is especially true in the case of puppies. Also, when you plan to buy leather leashes, consider investing in a premium and high quality one. Many unfortunate dog owners have found that a cheap leather dog leash is often a waste of money.


If you are looking for a dog leash that is durable but affordable, then nylon may be the perfect option to go for. Another benefit to consider is that this material comes in a wide variety of colours and designs, perfect if you’re very specific with how your dog leash matches with your dog’s fashion. But for some dog owners, the most important reason to buy leashes made from nylon is that they’re water-proof to a certain extent. They do get wet, but they hold up against water better than other materials used as dog leash. Still, if they do get wet, it is recommended that you dry them up completely before using them again.

A problem with nylon leashes is that they’re not very difficult for dogs to chew on. In addition, some dog owners have suffered from friction burn in their hands. This is because their dogs keep pulling on their leashes, causing the nylon to rub against the owner’s hands.

Reflective Materials

Another growing trend among dog leash manufacturers is the use of reflective materials. These types of dog leash are actually still made of leather or nylon at the base, with the reflective material being embedded onto them. Together with reflective dog collars and similar dog accessories, these types of leash are excellent for dog owners who take their dogs for a walk at night or very early in the morning. There are also leashes that have LED bulbs attached to them, thus giving the dog leash the ability to create light instead of just reflecting them. This kind of leash offers better visibility during the night time.


Metal chains are ideal types for dogs that chew through the other materials mentioned above. However, you need to remember that they can be heavy and this added weight can be uncomfortable for dogs. Thus, this types are best suited for the really big and stronger dogs. There are smaller and lighter dog leash chains available though but they’re not as strong and durable as the larger versions, and are ideal only for puppies.

Wide Range of Dog Leash Available at Paws and Claws

Choosing the right dog leash will depend on a lot of factors like your dog’s size, behaviour, the purpose of the leash and of course your budget. If you need help choosing the most suitable leash for your dog, do drop by our stores and our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you out. Our main store is located in Milperra, and we have another one at the Shop Smart Shopping Plaza in Mt. Druitt. We also have a range of pet care products, dog food and cat food (and other types of feeds for pets), pet housing like bird cages and many, many more.

Jan 31, 2018
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A training tab, also called a traffic leash, looks pretty much like a loop with a buckle at one end which is attached to the dog’s collar. In general, these types of dog leash are around one feet long overall and are usually made from high quality durable nylon. Because of its very short length, it allows you to have greater control over your dog, especially in sticky situations. These types of dog leash can also be attached to other types of leash provided the right mechanisms are in place.

Hands-free Dog Leash

This type of dog leash is also becoming more and more popular with dog owners who live an active lifestyle or those who love running, biking and hiking outdoors with their pets. This is in fact a great way to give your dog their much needed exercise. There are several variants of this type of dog leash like those made for bike for instance. This type of leash is has a locking mechanism that is attached to the frame of a bicycle. There are also types that can be attached to your belts, perfect if your pet is your running or walking mate.

However, this type of dog leash is only recommended for dogs that are well-trained. This is because this type of leash does not provide with complete control over your pet. If the dog is not trained, there is a high probability that they’ll start running around when something catches their attention, pulling you or your bike along. Because your hands are of the dog leash, it will be hard to regain control over your dog especially when they’re excited or agitated.

Drag Line

Drag lines are those types of dog leash that are longer than usual. Some drag lines can be as long as twenty-five feet or even more. Thus, this are only used by professional dog trainers who are providing dogs with recall training. These types of leash are recommended for distance training since they provide dogs with enough leg room to practice certain behaviours even when their trainer is far from them. This type of dog leash also provides them with the freedom to roam around to far distances while still maintaining connection and a certain level of control.

Jan 24, 2018
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Dog owners have different reasons for buying a dog leash. For some, this is a simple and effective way of imposing control over their dogs during training or while taking a walk. For others, it is a means of preventing their dogs from wandering into areas where they’re not allowed or keep them from running into the streets where they may injure themselves. That being said, the primary purpose of having a dog leash basically boils down to keeping your dog safe and under control.
Contrary to popular belief, choosing and buying the perfect leash for your dog is not as straightforward as many believe it to be. Each dog is different—in terms of size and behaviour—and so are their needs. All these factors should be taken into consideration when looking for the right dog leash. If you’re in the market for one, the following paragraphs should help you make the right (or at least a more informed) decision.

Types of Dog Leash

There are many different types of dog leash available in the market nowadays. Here are the more common ones that you’ll see around.

Standard Dog Leash

This type of dog leash is the most basic of all the types available, and is likely what you’ll imagine a leash to be. This can be made of either a solid or braided material, and is typically used for everyday walking. The standard dog leash is usually made from leather or nylon, though there are now manufacturers who make them out of cotton or rubber.

Along that line, a dog leash made from cotton or rubber is not very common, and are often considered to be less durable compared to nylon or leather.

Retractable Dog Leash

Retractable dog leash looks somewhat like a measuring tape with a nylon cord that can extend anywhere between four to thirty feet. The plastic handle where the cord is housed also contains a locking mechanism which allows you to lock the length of the leash to your desired length. Releasing the locking mechanism automatically retracts the leash back inside the handle.

Although quite popular among many dog owners, these type of dog leash is not for everyone—or every dog. There are several reasons why this is so.

First, they provide you with limited control over your dog as they tend to take advantage of the varying lengths provided by this type of dog leash. Second, your dog may get rope burn when you suddenly press on the “braking” mechanism as they run. Lastly, dogs who tend to just get up and sprint without notice (as is the case when they see a squirrel or something they want to chase down) may damage the locking mechanism.

All that being said, a retractable dog leash is recommended for smaller dogs since they don’t require much effort to control. It can also be used for larger dogs that are trained and well-behaved.

Adjustable Dog Leash

In a manner of speaking, this type of dog leash falls somewhere between a standard and a retractable dog leash. That is, it can allows you to maintain control over the dog as a standard dog leash would, but at the same time it gives you the flexibility of a retractable dog leash since you can vary it’s length. This of leash can go between three feet to six feet. The length is adjusted by adding or removing loops and clips along the leash.

Because of this, adjustable dog leash gives you the best of both worlds: it provides you with a short enough leash for basic training, as well as a longer leash to give your dog more freedom and lead room during your outdoor walks.

Jan 17, 2018
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There are two ways to determine if the collar is the right size and fit for your dog. First, there should be enough room between your dog’s neck and the collar when you insert two of your fingers. However, this only applies if you’re bringing your dog to the animal supplies store when buying the collar. If you can’t bring your pet to the store, then you can try this second method: use a tape measure to measure around your dog’s neck and then add two inches to the measurement. Speaking of measurements, you should make it a habit to measure your puppy’s neck regularly and get them a new collar once they’ve outgrown their old one.

Dog Harnesses

A dog harness is composed of several nylon straps arranged in such way that the contraption wraps around the dog’s back and chest and encircles its front legs. The straps on these harnesses are adjustable to some extent, making it an excellent choice for growing dogs. Unlike dog collars, leashes are attached to the harness with a clip located at the harness’ (and the consequently the dog’s) back and not at the neck.

Common Misconception about Dog Harnesses

There is one misconception that people have when it comes to dog harnesses, and this is actually what encourages many dog owners to go to the animal supplies store to buy them. That is, most people who buy dog harnesses think that their dog will be pulling less when they wear one. However, the opposite is true.

Dog harnesses attach to dogs in such a way that it allows the dog to use all of its strength to tug and pull. This is when you consider that the straps are attached to the upper back, shoulders and chest of the dog. This is actually the reason why you’ll see sled dogs use harnesses instead of dog collars. That being said, dog harnesses are good options if you want your dog to pull you while you’re exercising outside such as when you’re riding your bike or whilst wearing rollerblades.

Along that line, dog harnesses are excellent for smaller dogs who cannot overpower and pull their owners while walking or running. Dog harnesses are also excellent options for larger and stronger dogs because even if they pull and tug rather strongly, there is no concern for them damaging their trachea or injure their neck in some way. This is actually one reason why dog harnesses are more recommended over dog collars.

Jan 10, 2018
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The type of food that you give to your turtle will depend on the specie that you have. In general though, most turtles will be happy with eating insects, small fish and dark, leafy greens. You can also buy canned turtle food, pelleted turtle food or freeze-dried mealworms from stores that sell pet food in Milperra. Although some turtles may have developed a taste for a particular food, it is still best to offer them a variety of foods over their lifespan.

In addition, you also don’t need to feed your pet turtle everyday unlike most other types of pets. Generally, adult turtles should be fed at least four to five times a week only. Baby turtles on the other hand should be fed daily. You should also get yourself a calcium supplement and dust their food with it at least twice a year.

Also, keep in mind that turtles are messy eaters. This is why it is recommended that you get a separate feeding tank for the turtle and not feed them in their home tank. This will help to keep the home tank clean, and at the same time help you monitor the turtle’s food intake.

Taking Care of Your Turtle Starts with the Right Supplies

As you may have seen from the above paragraphs, taking care of a turtle is not a walk in the park. It demands a significant amount of time and care from you, especially if you have a baby turtle. However, they are easily one of the best pets available, and though you may not be able to cuddle them, they can be pretty relaxing to watch as they swim about their terrarium or bask in their docks.

In order to provide your pet turtle with the best care possible, you’ll need to provide them with the best housing and accessories that you can afford. Most of these are readily available in most pet supplies store.

If you’re ready to take care of turtles, be sure to get high quality supplies, accessories and pet food which is readily available in our stores. Our main store is located in Milperra, and we have another one at the Shop Smart Shopping Plaza in Mt. Druitt. As one of the leading pet shop in Mt. Druitt and Milperra, we make sure that both our stores carry a wide range of pet supplies like pet food, pet grooming products and many others in order to better serve you and your pet’s needs and demands.